4 Clever Uses of Branded Ribbons

Branded items, no matter how small, are powerful awareness-generating tools for any business in any industry. With the advanced printing techniques available these days, you can place your brand logo and slogan on pretty much anything – including ribbons! So, let’s take a look at a few clever uses of branded ribbons:

4 Clever Uses of Branded Ribbons

Product Enhancement.

Selling your products in packaging? Enhance their appeal with branded ribbons! Not only will branded ribboning make every item you sell look like a gift – literally – but think about what your customer might use that ribbon for in the future. Who knows how many people might see the branded ribbon and commit your brand to memory!


Corporate Gifting.

Thinking about spoiling your special customers? Corporate gifting is one of the best client-retention strategies out there today. Whether branded office stationery or impressive hampers featuring delicious treats and snacks, tie your corporate gifts up in branded ribbon and impress your valued clients like few service providers do!


Award Branding.

One great way to drive brand awareness is to sponsor local competitions and events in your community. Spelling bees, school sports events, eisteddfods – they all require physical awards (certificates, trophies, etc.) to be given to the winners. Add a branded ribbon to these to improve their general appeal and get a bit more brand awareness.


Awareness Ribbons.

The two most common awareness ribbons are red (for HIV-AIDS awareness) and pink (for breast cancer awareness), but there are many other types of awareness ribbons for specific causes throughout the year. Associate your brand with the support of these crucial awareness campaigns by ordering ribbons for your staff in the specific awareness colours with your business logo printed upon them!


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