Bottoms Up: Branded Wine Bottle Labels

In a blog article titled How to Use Branded Stickers & Labels in 2019, we looked at how personalised items like ribbons and product labels can seriously boost your branding in 2019. One of these sticker and label applications was for personalised wine bottles, which are fantastic corporate gifts for any time of the year! This article takes a closer look at how the wine bottle branding process works, types of branded wine bottle labels we offer at Quixstix, and how to order branded wine bottle labels in KwaZulu-Natal…


The Branded Wine Bottle Basics:

When it comes to personalising wine bottles with a brand name, the process is relatively simple. Here’s the process involved when branding wine bottles…

  1. The first and most important step is to source your wine bottles. The best wines to pick are those which do not have any labels stuck to the bottles, or those which have simple paper labels that can be removed.
  2. Next up is deciding on the background colour of your wine label. The colour of your wine bottle will determine the background colour of your bottle label, but certain colours used in combination can really make your wine bottle label pop!
  3. Step three involves designing your wine bottle label to include a personalised message and/or branding. This can be done (in most cases) by your wine bottle label printer, or you can get it designed by a graphic designer.
  4. The final step is up to your preferred printing company, who will print your wine bottle labels and apply them to your wine bottles.


Types of Branded Wine Bottles

At Quixstix, we’re able to print and apply two types of wine bottle labels. These are labels printed on gold vinyl, and labels printed on white vinyl. Here are the applications and benefits of each:

  • Gold Vinyl Wine Labels
    Gold wine labels are ideally suited to special occasions, like a work anniversary, a year-end function, or a wedding. Gold labels are best applied to darker wine bottles, or bottles containing red wines.
  • White Vinyl Wine Labels
    White wine bottle labels can be used on any wine bottle, regardless of colour. These are best used as corporate gifts, or in situations where you’d ideally like your branding to noticed immediately.


How to Order Branded Wine Bottle Labels

Whether looking for branded wine bottle labels for corporate gifting, special occasions, or you own a winery and you want to start distributing your produce – contact Quixstix today and we’ll help you through the process – from choosing the perfect wine bottle through to applying the bottle labels! We look forward to hearing from you…