How to Design Your Own Stickers in Seconds!

Let’s face it – personalised stickers are something special. Whether used on birthday presents, office gifts, school books or gift bags – custom stickers set you apart from the crowd. Quixstix loves printing customised stickers, and with our new website now live, we’ve made designing your own stickers even easier! So, here’s a 3-minute video on how to design your own stickers with Quixstix…

Step 1: Choose Your Label Type

The first step to design your own stickers through our Quixstix online sticker designer is to choose the type of sticker you wish to design. On our Quixstix products page you’ll find our main sticker categories, including kids school labels, clothing tags, as well as vinyl labels and stickers.

Once having chosen your ideal sticker type, you’ll have the opportunity to narrow your sticker selection down to specific sticker shapes for specific applications. That brings us to the next step in the process.

Step 2: Find the ‘Design Your Own’ Buttons

The next phase of designing your own stickers is to find ones that you are currently able to design your own versions of. For example, on our kids school labels page, you’ll see blue buttons below each type of school label that prompt you to either ‘add to cart’ or ‘design your own’.

Once you’ve found the perfect stickers or labels for your specific needs, click on the blue ‘design your own’ button and navigate to the linked page. That’ll take you to the next step in designing your own stickers or labels.

Step 3: Select Your Images

Once you’ve selected your ideal sticker or label, the next step is to customise it using our handy little Quixstix on-page sticker design interface – you’ll find it under the heading DESIGN YOUR OWN.

This is where the real magic happens! Depending on the type of sticker or label you want to design, you’ll either see an image and accompanying text in the sticker designer, or just text. To choose your own sticker graphic, simply click on the template image.

You’ll see a white panel appear from the right, featuring a bunch of cute images you can use as part of your sticker design. Simply click on the one you like best, and it’ll appear on your sticker.

Step 4: Choose Your Wording

After your perfect image has been placed on your custom sticker, you’ll want to include a bit of special wording. Whether it’s HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMMY, GET WELL SOON AMY, or THIS IS JONAH’S BOOK, simply click on the placeholder text and type your message.

You’re able to change the font, the size of the text, the colour, as well as the general positioning of your custom sticker text. You can also set the ideal background colour of your customised sticker simply by clicking in a space between the sticker’s image and it’s wording.

Step 5: Proceed to Checkout

Now that you’ve found your perfect sticker style, and designed your own sticker in terms of images and wording, all that’s left to do is submit your design to our Quixstix team for printing!

Scroll slightly upwards from the custom sticker designer until you see a blue button with ADD TO CART on it. Click on it, and you’ll be taken to your Quixstix basket. Here you can review your order, make any final adjustments to your design, and decide on your preferred sticker delivery method.

It’s that easy!