How to Use Branded Stickers & Labels in 2019

Did you know that you can now apply your branding to pretty much anything, using custom branded stickers and labels! From giving out branded licence holders, to personalising your child’s school stationery, there’s so many things you can do with branded stickers. Here’s more information on how to use branded stickers & labels in 2019…


Licence Disc Holders

Think about how many people you know that own their own vehicles. These vehicles have to be licensed in order to be driven on our South African roads, and these licenses have to be renewed once a year. Order branded licence disc holders, featuring your logo and a special message, and let your loved ones take your brand wherever they go!

Order Branded Car Licence Holders


Product Labels

Whether you’re looking to put your branding onto wine bottles, items of food or other products – you can’t go wrong with branded product labels! These are carefully designed sticky labels – featuring a logo, an image and a short message – that can be applied to pretty much any product. Think corporate gifts and products for special occasions like wedding favours, etc.

Order Branded Product Labels


Kids School Stationery

Does your family have a crest? A great way to ensure your children’s school stationery and belongings don’t end up waylaid is with customised kids school labels! These come in various shapes and sizes for a range of applications – including pencil stickers, shoe tags, book name tags, and more!

Order Kids School Stationery Labels


Personalised Gifts

Tired of writing out gift card messages? Why not print a few personalised, branded gift labels that can be used for any gifting occasion? You can choose a specific background colour, graphic and greeting – designing the whole label yourself online! Whether for Christmas presents, Birthday gifts or just for fun – make it special with a personalised gift label.

Order Personalised Gift Labels


Pantry Labels

They might not need logos on them, but applying custom labels to the items in your pantry can really revolutionise the way you keep track of groceries! Pantry labels can be designed to suit your home’s specific colour scheme and can be placed on your containers, jars, bottles and boxes. Pantry labels can also be used to mark cutlery holders and shelves in your fridge.

Order Custom Pantry Labels