Awareness Ribbons – Unbranded – EXCESS COLOURS 60c EACH!

Awareness Ribbons for many great causes.  We can supply the ribbon folded with a safety pin – ready to use.

Contact us with your requests for other ribbon colours or for larger orders.

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Here are just some of the special Awareness Days and their colours:

    January – Cervical Cancer – blue and white ribbons
    February – National Cancer Prevention Month

  • February – Endometriosis Awareness – Yellow ribbons
  • March – Colorectal Cancer – dark blue ribbon, Kidney cancer awareness -Myeloma awareness – burgundy ribbon
    April – Testicular Cander awareness – grey ribbon, Esophageal Cancer awareness – periwinkle,

  • May – Lupus Awareness – Purple ribbons, melanona and skin cancer – black ribbons, brain cancer – grey ribbon
  • June – National Cancer Survivor month – pale blue ribbon
    July – Sarcoma awareness – yellow ribbon – bladder cancer – yellow ribbon, Leukemia – lime green ribbon, Ovarial cancer – teal ribbon, prostate – light blue

  • September – Childhood Cancer Awareness – Gold ribbons
  • October – Breast Cancer Awareness – Pink ribbons, Liver cancer – emerald ribbons
  • November – No Violence against Women and Children – White ribbons, Lung cancer – white ribbon, Stomach – periwinkle blue, Caregivers Month – purple ribbon
  • December – World Aids Day – Red Ribbons

We can also supply printed awareness ribbons – do please contact us for those.