The Essential Big School Starter Kit for 2019

January 2019 is fast approaching, with thousands of little ones gearing up to start ‘big school’ come the new year. This is a very exciting time for both parents and children, and it’s always a good idea to get everything in order well before school starts. To prepare your little one for this exciting new chapter in their lives, here’s the essential big school starter kit for 2019…


Iron-On Uniform Labels

With so much excitement when starting big school, it’s completely understandable that your child might end up misplacing one or two items of uniform. The first item in the big school starter kit for 2019 is a pack of iron-on uniform labels. These can easily be applied to all school uniform items, to make sure that – should someone find your child’s misplaced item of clothing – they’ll know who it belongs to!



Canvas Pencil Cases

You get regular stationery holders, and then you get personalised canvas pencil cases like these! The benefit of this type of stationery case is that it features a full colour zipper label to identify the owner. These canvas stationery cases are long enough to take a 30cm ruler, as well as all other essential items of stationery needed in big school.




Stationery Label Packs

The stationery requirements for any scholar at any level are extensive. Most parents budget for stationery costs once a year, hoping that the stationery will last until the new year. However, like all things, pens and pencils are subject to misplacement. For that reason, a personalised stationery label pack features over 100 stick-on labels that can be applied to rulers, pens, pencils and the like!




School Bag Tags

With many schools requesting standard school bag styles, chances are your child’s school bag is going to be confused with another at some point. This issue is effortlessly prevent with the use of a personalised school bag tag! These weatherproof identification tags can be customised in terms of colour and graphics, and can even be used as key tags.




Vinyl School Shoe Stickers

Another essential big school starter kit addition is shoe tagging. School shoe stickers are easily applied to the inner sole of your child’s school shoes, feature a protective clear overlay, and can be personalised with your child’s information and a fun icon. These are also available without icons, and usually come in sets of 20 stickers (10 pairs of shoes).




School Book Labels

Once your child has entered big school and received their books, you’ll be asked to cover them. A great idea is to add personalised school book labels to the book covering process! These can be customised with name, grade, and subject information – and you can even add a unique graphic to each sticker (like the school’s emblem)!


Order Early to Avoid Disappointment

Consider ordering your big school starter kit for 2019 before the end of 2018, as most parents will leave this for January and be subjected to delays due to high volumes of last-minute printing. Contact Quixstix today and ensure your little one is fully prepared for big school in 2019!