When & How to Order 2019 Diaries Online

The year 2018 is rapidly drawing to a close. By now most companies will be looking at what corporate gifts they can give to their valued clients; to thank them for their continued support. A great corporate gift is a branded diary for the coming year, where your branding can be seen on a daily basis. Think a 2019 diary is a good corporate gifting idea? Here’s a three-phase approach detailing when and how to order 2019 diaries online:

When to Order 2019 Diaries

The corporate gifting season starts in October and carries through November until just before when most of the nation shuts down in December (close to the 15th). To ensure you get the 2019 diaries you want – in the size and finish of your choice – we’d recommend ordering them as soon as you can. This means your order can be completed on time, without having to wait in a queue with all the other last-minute orders, causing delivery delays.

How to Order 2019 Diaries Online

1/ Choose a Style

The first phase to ordering 2019 diaries is to decide on the sizing and styling of your required diaries. A5 diaries are the most popular, as these are small enough to fit comfortably in a handbag or work sachel. A4 diaries are larger, more cumbersome diaries that are meant to live and be used upon a desk. A4 diaries provide more space to write notes on each day of the year.

Once you’ve decided on the size of the diary, you should think about how you’d like it to be finished off in terms of styling. For corporate gifting purposes, we recommend sticking to professional diaries in black, with your branding on the cover.

Think about where your logo should go on the front cover; whether or not you’d like the placeholder ribbon to be branded too.


2/ Find an Online Retailer

Once you’ve decided on the size and style of your perfect diary, the next phase to order 2019 diaries online is to find an online diary retailer. You could walk into a stationery store and buy all the 2019 diaries they have, but this poses a few issues. For one, these diaries aren’t brand new – they’ve more than likely been on the shelf a few weeks already.

Secondly, you’ll have to find someone that can professionally apply your branding to the diary – incurring an additional fee. In contrast, choosing to order 2019 diaries online means you can use one branded corporate gift retailer to source your diaries, apply your branding, package the diaries, and have them delivered to your doorstep – with one convenient online payment.


3/ Place Your Order

Now that you’ve finalised the styling of your 2019 diary, and you’ve found a suitable online retailer, all that’s left to do is decide on the quantity and place your order online! Some online retailers give you the option to upload you branding directly onto the website, which takes a step out of the ordering process and speeds things up substantially.

A good idea would be to send a message to your online provider once you’ve placed your order (remember to include your order number) and share your thoughts on where the branding should go, if you’d like the placeholder ribbon branded, etc. By doing this, your provider has all the instructions they need to facilitate the printing of your diaries – without them having to delay the process by getting feedback from you at every step.

*Send your artwork directly to sarah@quixstix.co.za to speed up the ordering process!

QuixStix offers branded 2019 diaries with a difference. Unlike most diaries, featuring a monotone placeholding ribbon, we’re able to brand the placeholder ribbon too! With the corporate gifting season upon us, be sure to order your 2019 diaries soon to avoid disappointment.