When to Order Your Back to School Labels

Back to school labels include stationary stickers, clothing labels and other printed materials that can be used to label your children’s belongings taken to school. By ordering your customised back to school labels early, you have time to apply the iron-on clothing tags and stationary stickers WAY before the new school term commences!

Between September and December.

South African school stationery lists are extensive documents covering the essential school items a child will need for the upcoming school year. These lists are usually distributed in September of each year, a good few months before the December holiday period kicks off.

However, most of us leave the stationery list unattended and filed in a drawer until the last week of the holidays, at which point we’re frantically calling stationery shops and school label printers with the hope that they haven’t sold out yet.

By ordering your child’s school stationery, nametag stickers and clothing labels between September and December – you can prevent the last-minute frantic running around and ensure that your child is able to gently ease into the new school year!

Save Time by Ordering Online.

What’s more, by ordering your school stickers and clothing labels online from Quixstix, you don’t even have to leave the house to collect them – we deliver to your door.

Our website features ‘design your own school stickers’ functionality, which means you can completely customise your little one’s stationery stickers and clothing labels.

Choose from a range of cute icons and colour combinations to match your child’s personality, and if you’ve already found the perfect design – send it to us and we’ll get it printed for you!

Cover All of Your Bases.

Got a little one starting ‘big school’ for the first time? Consider customised school labels featuring your address and telephone number. This is a great way for parents to contact each other, and should your child misplace an item of stationery – there’s a good chance it’ll make its way back home! We can also include the school’s badge on your personalised stickers.

Quixstix has been printing custom school labels in KwaZulu-Natal for years – and we’re not planning on slowing down any time soon (we celebrated our 10th birthday in 2017)! We provide school stickers and other printed school items to some of Durban’s most prestigious educational establishments, so for all of your child’s school label requirements – think Quixstix! Connect with us today to learn more.